The former municipal building may soon be seen tumbling down

ASHTABULA – The former municipal building may soon be seen tumbling down. City Council has approved a request to apply for a grant to tear down the delapidated 108-year-old building at 4400 Main Ave.. If the city receives the funding, the building, surrounded by a fence to protect the public from pieces falling off, would have all of the asbestos removed and then be demolished in two years, officials said.

Mail order drugs are flooding Ashtabula County, not the medical world

Mail order drugs are flooding Ashtabula County, not the medical world. That’s what Trumbull-Ashtabula Group drug task force officials say about fentanyl, a pharmacuetical drug 100 times stronger than morphine, believed to be coming in through mail to drug traffickers looking to build a reputation as having “the best dope.” People are able to go online and order it from countries like India, Afghanistan and China, where they don’t have the same level of controls. Ohioans are dying from overdoses at the second highest rate in the country, and local legislators are pushing for a solution.

Fire code violations blamed for massive brush fire in Conneaut

CONNEAUT – Fire code violations are being blamed for a massive brush fire in Conneaut last week. According to Conneaut Fire Chief Steve Lee, a recent report on the May 2 blaze that consumed some 120 acres of cornfield and adjoining land in the area of Lake and Parrish roads, shows state law sets rules for open burning, including not starting fires during daylight hours in May. The fire was apparently sparked by a barrel containing burning debris that toppled in strong winds, according to reports.

Fast fire forces families to flee Andover apartments

ANDOVER – Several people were forced to evacuate when an attic fire quickly spread Sunday night at apartments and a restaurant in downtown Andover. It took firefighters about four hours to completely extinguish the blaze at 60 Public Square, according to Andover Fire Department reports. The Andover Diner, located on the first floor of the building, was closed Monday because of smoke and water damage, but was expected to reopen today or tomorrow. Firefighters determined it was an electrical fire, according to reports. No one was injured, the report stated.

Whistleblower law suit against Geauga County Health District challenged

A whistleblower law suit against Geauga County Health District officials is being challenged. The suit claims the Health Commissioner, health district board members and one of the district’s attorneys were complicit in her 2017 discharge in 2015 after she complained of unethical practices in connection to a no-bid contract being awarded under an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency grant without the required approval by the Prosecutor’s Office. The department denies any wrongdoing and has filed a response asking that the federal suit be dismissed without cost to the county.

Ashtabula police are investigating an armed robbery of a taxi driver

ASHTABULA — Ashtabula police are investigating an armed robbery of a taxi driver Monday. Chief Robert Stell said the woman who was driving the cab was not injured.


Mother calls toddler’s death careless act

ANDOVER TOWNSHIP – The mother of a 4-year-old girl killed Saturday in what she called a “careless act” said she’s still trying to process the loss of her daughter as she prepares for her funeral. Chelsea Scarberry’s daughter Remingtin was run over by a truck Saturday evening during a family gathering at a home on Stanhope-Kelloggsville Road when one a woman attempted to move a truck, unaware that Remingtin was below.

Ashtabula police will soon be wearing body cameras

ASHTABULA — Ashtabula police will soon be wearing body cameras as part of their uniform. City Council approved funding last year (Oct.) for 26 body cams after city police tried them out, but there’s still some paperwork to do before they go active, Ashtabula Police Chief Robert Stell said. Cameras will go only to patrol officers — the chief, jail administrator and detectives will not get them. Officers are expected to begin wearing the body cams starting next month.

Conneaut man arrested at courthouse

CONNEAUT – A Conneaut man accused of threatening two children with a handgun last week was taken into custody Tuesday as he was about to appear before a judge in Conneaut Municipal Court. The judge revoked, Gary Drew Jr., 34, bond after he failed a drug/alcohol test given prior to his court appearance. Another pre-trial hearing has been set for May 21.

Low voter turn out marked Ashtabula County’s primary

JEFFERSON – Low voter turn out marked Ashtabula County’s primary election, Tuesday. Numbers from the Ashtabula County Board of Elections show less than one-fourth of registered voters went to the polls. Technology-wise, the election ran smoothly with few issues. About 14,900 voters, out of 61,657 registered, cast a ballot Tuesday or ahead of Election Day. Some 1,941 early votes were the first to be tallied.


There were no contested local races and only a dozen issues were put before voters, including a question about redistricting to prevent gerrymandering.


Geneva voters approved a levy to assist the school district, while Grand Valley’s measure was rejected.